Announcing libp2p-rPGF-1, the first libp2p project RetroPGF Round!

Announcing libp2p-rPGF-1, the first libp2p project RetroPGF Round!

# Retroactive Public Goods Funding for the libp2p ecosystem

Today, the libp2p project is excited to announce the first ever libp2p retroactive public goods funding round, libp2p-rPGF-1!

The libp2p project is partnering with Gitcoin (opens new window) to retroactively award $125,000 USD worth of OP, recognize impact, and further empower contributors to libp2p. libp2p will be using a portion of its Optimism rPGF round 3 rewards (opens new window) to contribute back to the broader ecosystem! This is an Easy RPGF round (opens new window), will run on the Optimism chain, and is focused on rewarding projects and organizations that have made an impact across the libp2p ecosystem.

libp2p is a public good which powers much of the decentralized web, including projects like Ethereum, Filecoin, Optimism, Polkadot, and more! Moreover, libp2p's success as a project is the result of a vast panoply communities, collaborators, and organizations building together.

However, these efforts are often unrecognized and unrewarded since markets can fail to adequately fund public goods. Therefore, by embracing RetroPGF (opens new window) libp2p seeks to bridge that funding gap.

At this time, our goal is to have about 2 retro PGF rounds per year. We will experiment and iterate each round and hope to evolve it so that governance, participation, and execution improve each round.

The rounds will follow the Optimism template:

  1. 🪪 Badgeholders selection
  2. 📝 Nominations/Application submissions
  3. 🗳 Voting by badgeholders
  4. 📊 Publish voting results
  5. 💰 Distribute rewards/funding
  6. 🤔 Retrospective to improve future rounds

For this first round, the badgeholder selection process will include input from stakeholders across the libp2p ecosystem. In upcoming rounds, the badgeholder selection process and pool will be further opened.

Anyone can nominate a project that has achieved impact in the past 12 months in one of the following categories:

The round begins today! Nominate projects on Github (opens new window)!

This round of libp2p-rPGF-1 aims to disburse $125,000 USD worth of OP, with plans to grow in the future. More documentation on processes incoming soon. Lastly, we would like to thank the participants & sponsors for pushing the ecosystem forward and helping bootstrap public goods funding into the libp2p project!