Introduction to libp2p Community Meetings

Introduction to libp2p Community Meetings

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# Introduction

The libp2p Community is growing a little bit every day since the creation of the libp2p Foundation and the independence of the libp2p Projectback in January of 2024. Many new improvements have been made to the communication and administration of the project across the infrastructure. One such improvement was the centralization of the libp2p Community Calendar to one location: (opens new window). This blog post covers all of the current community meetings you will find on the calendar as well out outline how you can organize your own and get it promoted alongside the other libp2p meetings.

# The Current Calendar

This is the current community calendar embeded from

I would like to invite you to add the libp2p Community Calendar feed to your calendar and plan to attend. The easiest way to do that is to go to the main calendar and click on the calendar feed to subscribe.

Subscribe to the calendar

# I'm Interested in a Meeting about X-libp2p...How can I start it?

I'm glad you asked. The libp2p Community operates on a "2 + you" rule for meetings. If you and two other people would like to start a meeting, let me know and I will help you organize it, list it on the libp2p calendar, announce it on our social media feeds and all of our chat channels. Meetings focused on an implementation of libp2p also get highlighted in the quarterly libp2p reports and in the libp2p Community Update portion of the EngRes The Gathering (opens new window) monthly meetings.

I know that I am personally interested in all implementations of libp2p so you really only need to find one other person and I will plan to attend so that we can have 3 people show up. I strongly encourage anybody interested in having a meeting to find me (@dhuseby) on any of our chat rooms (opens new window) and let me know so I can help get it organized.

# Current Meetings

# libp2p Community Call

At the time of this writing, the next libp2p Community Call will take place on May 14th, 2024:

The community call is our most well attended meeting where we cover community related news and updates. It is a great meeting to ask questions in and to announce your projects using libp2p. This is where maintainers of multiple implementations come to talk about upcoming releases, important bugs, and security advisories. If you only want to attend one libp2p meeting, this is the best one to get updated on all things libp2p.

# libp2p Specification Meeting

The very first libp2p Specification Meeting will take place on May 7th, 2024:

This meeting is brand new. The libp2p project is actually a set of specifications defining a modular set of peer-to-peer protocols needed to span the entire internet with scalable peer-to-peer services. This meeting is designed to bring together peer-to-peer researchers and maintainers of the libp2p specs so that open issues can be discussed, consensus built, and solutions quickly landed. If you have ever thought, "this could be better if only the specification said this..." then this is the meeting for you. This is where interroperability begins in the libp2p ecosystem.

# libp2p Implementation Meetings

All are welcome at any libp2p community meeting, especially the implementation specific open maintainer calls. The following meetings are organized to discuss technical details about the libp2p implementations in the specific languages. Currently we have standing meetings for go-libp2p, rust-libp2p, js-libp2p, and the newly revived py-libp2p implementations. However there are other libp2p implementations in C++, Swift, Nim, JVM (Java/Kotlin), Zig, and .Net.

# go-libp2p

# rust-libp2p

# js-libp2p

# py-libp2p

# nim-libp2p

The Nim implementation of libp2p is organized round the Vac community found here: (opens new window). If you are interested in nim-libp2p, I suggest you go join that community and get involved.

# dotnet-libp2p

The .Net implementation of libp2p has a Telegram group (opens new window) where the maintainers have technical discussions on an ongoing basis.

# Conclusion

I really hope to see all of you at one of the upcoming libp2p meetings. They really are how we most efficiently coordinate our efforts. Without dedicated supporters, this project will not survive. Come make some new friends.

Cheers! 🍻